New yarn.  Now that the weather is getting warm again, I have this great yarn for making myself a cozy winter hat...


This yarn makes me smile. And of course, spring and summer are the BEST times to make hats and mittens. Can't wait to see the drawing of the hat one of these days.

You can't leave us hanging like that! What's the yarn? And yes, we do expect to see pictures of the finished object someday.

The yarn is "Crazy Zauberball" and it's a two-ply fingering weight wool & nylon blend - with colors changing from oranges to reds, plied with turquoises, blues, and greens. (Color 8900 - half the tag info is in German, but I bet you can find more at skacelknitting.com.)

Friends gave me a gift certificate, and I fell for the amazing colors...

So far, I've knit a swatch, cast on and knit half a dozen rows, only to discover that the result was going to be WAY too big, ripped back and will re-cast on sometime today. Already getting plenty of entertainment value from the purchase! I'm planning to use the self-striping nature of the yarn for a wild and somewhat randomly-colored fair isle checkerboard design (which I'll work out as I go along). The geometry of the hat is planned as a short cylinder with a flat crown, but that may change as I knit it!

I will make a picture of it when I'm done. Thanks!

I love this. Especially the way you achieved the texture of the yarn.

Great drawing! Yarn is quite a subject...

Yes, I tend to knit or crochet smaller items during the summer, then begin a big aphgan sometime in autumn so it keeps my lap warm as I work on it during colder times.

I'm envious. What lovely yarn.



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