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Bits of thread and snipped string left over after binding sketchbooks.

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I found your site by accident. What a cool idea to make a scrapbook of your art and put it on the web. I have always been fascinated by the use of random things to make random art. That string art is really cool. I guess that's why I love stuff by Jackson Pollack and Paul Klee. They use lines like no one else. I think that’s why their art shows so well in museums and galleries . Rumor has it that Pollack smeared worms with different shades of paint and let them squirm all over his canvas. I have no idea if this is true. I just like his abstract style. You seem to really enjoy painting. I do too, but I'm at novice level. I scrolled down the page and I loved your vase. Are you a watercorist? Your style is interesting. I can't quite pigeonhole it. I admire that you look at life like still life. Your raisin is so cute.



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