nail polish


As I paint, the bottle breaks into a collection of abstract shapes and colors. I stop painting and see the bottle again.


Hey Liz!

Sounds like you're experiencing a "toluene buzz." Some nail polishes are more toxic than others (check the list that's going around), so you may want to avoid getting too close to your work...or staying too long on the job. On the other hand (pardon the unintended pun), if you get some enjoyment out of a polish bottle that "breaks into a collection of abstract shapes and colors," then get closer and stay longer...moderation in all things, Liz, and be careful.

All the best,

Roger (aka The Nail Doctor)

Thanks, Roger.

This particular polish bottle was long-closed, so the illusion of abstraction had more to do with my intense concentration on painting one part of it at a time, than with any toluene fumes. But thanks for the caution; I'll be careful. (Need every brain cell I've got!)



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