We got 21 inches of snow in Pittsburgh - snow fell right through the night and then all morning. Drank coffee in pyjamas and browsed reactions to the storm on Twitter. Mid-afternoon, my husband and I ran an errand to another part of town - on foot, as we hadn't dug out the car (in a parking lot five blocks away, but that's another story). Three hours of walking. I think we went about six-and-a-half miles. Most streets unplowed. Some sidewalks shoveled - some not. Few cars moving. Plenty of snowmen and people with shovels and sleds. Cross-country skiers on city streets. Blue sky, beautiful trees, and bright light from sun reflected off clean snow.


I love your art! Congratulations! Vera (from Brazil).

great snowball and amazing. i know what you mean about snow.....we are on Lake Erie, east of safe (you've got those hills out there!) and enjoy the beauty.
best to you.

My husband's parents live in Murrysville, and they got 22". That much snow in one dump doesn't happen often in that area! Enjoy!

Thank you all, and welcome. We are in the midst of a second storm now, before the first one has been cleared from the city streets. A winter adventure! And- dare I say it? I hear another snow storm is expected early next week. We have plenty of food and art supplies, so we are doing fine...



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