snow baby is still around



The found doll, nicknamed Snow Baby, sits on the living room mantelpiece, still unclothed, still bald. I hope the lack of clothing is not connected to the continuing record snow levels in Pittsburgh.


Maybe you should put Snow Baby in a two piece bathing suit and put he/she/it under a lamp to simulate the sun and see what happens....perhaps there could be a tall iced drink and a magazine and a little pile of sand with a small bucket and spade.....oops, did I just fill up your day building a daydream for a doll???? I love to hear about Snow Baby--looking forward to the adventures. xxKaren

Hmm... Love the idea. I wonder, though, whether it's a case of opposite behavior? If Snow Baby unclothed leads to snow and more snow, then perhaps we should pile on warm wraps and woollies.

I have a doll purchased at a yard sale for use as a model for the knitted baby hats I make. Then I bought a newborn clothes outfit at the next sale cuz I couldn't let her sit naked and bald for long.
Yours seems to have a different reason for being.

I remember that storm of January 1978. I was on shift at a hospital, worked 16 hours, went to an empty room, slept 6, then worked 16 hours more... before anybody could get in to relieve me.



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