more snow



Wednesday will be the third snow holiday this week - our streets are not yet clear. After 21 inches of snow on Friday and Saturday, more snow and sleet began falling late this afternoon, to continue overnight and through the day tomorrow. Forecasts vary from 3 to 12 inches, depending on how much falls as freezing rain, and how much falls as snow, and how two storm / low pressure systems react to one another as they meet. Tomorrow, the wind is also supposed to pick up and create drifts. Hmm. I don't know that travel on our unplowed or semi-plowed streets will be any safer by Thursday, once you add the new layers of ice and snowdrifts. But we live in the heart of the city, so we can walk to the store for milk, and we haven't lost electrical power (so far). We're warm, well-fed, and fortunate.

And the landscape is beautiful.


I live in Brazil (Brasilia) were we don't have snow. We have 30-40ÂșC here!

Ahhh... Vera - that warm weather sounds so lovely.



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