If what you see is the top half of a glass, half-full, then the glass is actually three-quarters full. (Sometimes the reasons for optimism are not completely in view.)


Woolgathering has re-awoken in me the power to imagine things, yes - even optimism's reasons. Mine seem to be hiding under piles of snow.

Imagine that.
(I'd sing John Lenon's song to you if I could. ;)

I'll imagine you singing...

so did you hear me? ^_^ i hope it sounded good.

elizabeth, i thought i'd let you in on an early "unveiling" of my little 'daily draw' project. you have inspired me so much i thought i'd share this with you before i put it out there in the world...oh, wait, posting it here would be The World, wouldn't it. hee!
ok, off to look for your email address now. xo, kat

I think maybe I see two tiny goldfish swimming in it too -- one the live variety, and one the Pepperidge Farms variety.



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