A pair of favorite cotton socks were worn out in sole and heel. What to do? Cut the feet off with nail scissors... and... new wrist warmers. Same lovely soft fabric as the socks. The cut end curls, rather than frays. They scrunch on nicely. Great for winter evenings in an old house.


Wow. I just meandered back to your site after a year or two away and I can't believe how you've grown as an artist. One would never know that a mere few years ago you were an amateur.

Thanks, Emily. In the day to day process of drawing, I don't see and feel big changes, though I know I have more confidence. Great to hear that from another perspective the development is more dramatic.

I wear a worn-out sock on my wrist to dab my brush on when painting plein air. In the summer, the dampness from the wet brush tip actually cools me off on a hot day. (And wouldn't we all love a sunny, warm day right now!)
I just found your site through Liz/Borromini Bear. Wonderful, thought-provoking sketches!



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