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The rough-cut edge of a piece of plasterboard looks like a snow-covered mountain range. We're patching a ceiling. As a friend would say, our results are "far from good, but good from afar." I think about the powdered gypsum in the wallboard, and remember that real mountain ranges are also made of minerals.

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friend's quote is funny-witty and kind. :) must keep that for future use.

i like the softness that plain watercolor makes.

happy to share that i just graduated to serious watercolor paper (like the rest isn't eh? :) two days ago! after filling my 5-year old sketchbook, i told myself: it's time. oh, and found the last niji brush at the local arts and crafts store. boy, was i like a kid with good candy! haha!!! thanks again for sharing and inspiring, e.




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