Right now I can hear surf, insect sounds, someone in my family breathing in sleep. I am warm. I am trying to store up all the senses of being in Hawai'i, all this aloha, so that I can remember it when I'm walking home from work next week in snow flurries. Tomorrow we'll go for a long walk at the National Tropical Botanical Garden - and then later in the day board the first of three planes back to Pittsburgh. Not sure about internet access en route, so I may not post tomorrow's drawing until we're home.


I love it very much. Nice colours.

Ah, so it's Hawaii! Even the hibiscus reminds me of Key West. Beautiful work.

Elizabeth, this is absolutely glorious---so luminous and cheering. Enjoy the soft air and sunlight while you can! Happy New Year to you.

Sweet and sour goodness!



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