Here is one of my Niji brand waterbrushes. These brushes have hollow bodies which you can fill with water, just as you might fill a fountain pen with ink. I love the way they let me paint anywhere.


I don't normally respond here, but I just LOVE your waterbrush drawing....must remember to do this for myself. I read your posts every morning and love your pen & inks.

I am so looking for this new toy! Thanks for sharing, E. ;) You've gotten me hooked real bad...in a GOOD way. HEE. ;* XO, K.

Do you know a online source for these waterbrushes? Here in Germany nobody knows them. Once I bought only one in a NYC shop, but I will not be there again soon. Wish I had some more.

Martina - I get mine in a local independent art store, but I've also found them online at Dick Blick: http://www.dickblick.com/products/niji-waterbrush/

Thank you so much for the link, Elizabeth. So I can ask a friend to order for me in the US and to send them over to Germany. Great :)

Stunning - I love the way you take pictures of you moleskine to bring your art to life



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