My son asked me to give him a haircut - it was really more a trim - but by the time we were done, there was enough cut hair on the porch to reconstitute a small mammal. (I got my hair cut today as well, but not on the back porch, and someone else swept it up.)


This is too cute! I used to cut my daughter's hair when she was young and always thought that the hair tufts on the floor were very interesting, but never could think of what to do about them. You sketching them is exceedingly clever and creative! Why didn't I think about it...


I was first trying to figure out what husk-like drawing was before reading. :p No I wasn't able to guess what it was this time.

I cut my 9 yr old boy's hair too. Last night at dinner, I was admiring how nice his cut turned out this time. 2 weeks after the usual tug-o-war. (No, mommmy, please...please no hair cut! Just a trim, Sol. Promise...just a little trim...)

Here he is, all beat, day after the ordeal: Hahahaha!

When my grandma cut hair, usually my cousins, sometimes mine and my sisters, she saved it to stuff in homemade pin cushions.
Cute little things made from a tuna can and a special fabric. She said hair is good for the points of needles and pins, keeping them sharp and rust free.
I think I still have the pin cushion she gave me as a wedding gift, if I only remember which closet to look in after 29 years.
Also, my favorite hairbrush is made of boar bristle (hair), and shoe brush is made of horse hair.
Important item, HAIR. Drawing it must have come natural for you :)

~~love and Huggs, Diane



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