carrot cake



Brought to you through the kindness of my daughter, who was willing to pause before finishing her piece - even though she was very hungry - so that I could paint my picture. We were in the bookstore cafe, and she listened to a piano recital and tried to solve her new eraser cube puzzle. The boy sitting near her offered quiet advice on the puzzle, and then went up to the keyboard and played some Bach - something from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook. It was that kind of afternoon. Pieces kept fitting together in pleasing ways, while the eraser cube is still unsolved.


Sounds like a great way to spend some time. Nice page.

Love it when "pieces fit together" in a gentle way.
(Was Piano Boy cute? ;) That would have been a sweet bonus...apart from the cake, of course.)

Thanks for the constant inspiration, E!


Piano Boy was indeed cute. :-) And I had a few quiet moments last night and put together the puzzle. Thought to take a couple of phone cam snapshots of it, too, so the solution can be reconstructed!

Seems like a nice way to spend time with a child. Makes me want to go share some pie. glad I stumbled here.

Really nice picture, very talented! If I were to paint a picture of some delicious carrot cake their would only be a fork and saucer left to paint!



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