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On the front porch, its carved face looking away from us, toward the street below.

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My son asked me to give him a haircut - it was really more a trim - but by the time we were done, there was enough cut hair on the porch to reconstitute a small mammal. (I got my hair cut today as well, but not on the back porch, and someone else swept it up.)



Part of the Halloween costume for Marie Curie. Yes, we found out that radium is white and then oxidizes to black, but it was much more fun to put a color-changing LED and tissue paper into the flask. Poetic license.


Now we are back in the season for black tights, so I've replaced the pair with the hole in one foot. (There's only so long you can color a matching dot on your foot with a Sharpie before you realize that you have moved beyond thrift into eccentricity.)

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Cool and fizzy. As people around me begin to catch the flu, I'm hoping that I'm old enough to have some antibodies, and that frequent hand-washing will keep me well.



Another local one. I can never remember the names of the varieties - but this one was good.

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One from my favorite pair.



Brought to you through the kindness of my daughter, who was willing to pause before finishing her piece - even though she was very hungry - so that I could paint my picture. We were in the bookstore cafe, and she listened to a piano recital and tried to solve her new eraser cube puzzle. The boy sitting near her offered quiet advice on the puzzle, and then went up to the keyboard and played some Bach - something from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook. It was that kind of afternoon. Pieces kept fitting together in pleasing ways, while the eraser cube is still unsolved.



What happens to all the rubber bands that come around the mail? I don't throw them out, yet if they all were on the pantry closet doorknob, it would be the size of a basketball.



Unseasonably warm today, but with the change in daylight, change in the leaves, and change in the vegetables coming from our farm share, we know that the season is autumn.


As Halloween approaches, I have an excuse to do some sewing. I'll get out the machine on the weekend, and see what I can accomplish...

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On the table in the iiving room, ready for more action - before or after homework.


Lotion that I forgot about in hot weather becomes visible to me again, as cold weather and extra handwashing dry my skin. I find it on the shelf and put it someplace where I'll remember to use it - I hope.


Kicking back for a moment after a weekend of odds and ends.

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Various homework projects in progress this weekend. This is a spare pencil, with a good eraser. I'm holding it in reserve... someone will need it, if not this weekend, then soon.


We walked home through a light cold rain today, but this leaf was our reward - half a block from home.



We turned the heat on for a while today. Every year, we say we're going to try to hold out until November, and every year we seem to get a steady cold spell in October. We may see snow flurries tomorrow. The lime is to remind me of warmer times and places.


Two of a set of black rubber bangle bracelets. I made them a couple of years ago out of the kind of pond liner sold in hardware and home improvement stores. (We got a piece of it to line a plant tray, and then I began playing with the leftover material.) They are rectangular on the outside, and oval on the inside, and very squashy. Silent, too.


We have frost predicted for tonight, so summer vacation is now over for the last of our houseplants. This Ficus benjamina is older than any of our children, and taller than anyone in the family. It would have outgrown our house long ago, except that we don't repot it, and it gets dry and resentful during winters inside, dropping lots of leaves.


I got this metal water bottle last year so that I wouldn't have to carry around the plastic ones. It's small, so it is not too heavy when full.


A sunny day and we went to the park for a picnic lunch. The trees show more of their structure as the leaves turn and begin to fall.


One week after going to the parade, we still have some candy in the house. (Everyone in the parade threw candy to the children watching.) Fortunately, I don't like any of what's still around.


Fall is holding on, with rain all day, but steadily more color in the leaves. Outside our dining room window, the leaves on the Juneberry have turned yellow-gold.


From the edge of the backyard, another reminder of autumn.



No. Not really. A pair of socks on the living room floor. And rather than pick them up, I'm painting them. (Of course now that I've told you that they are there, I'll have to see that they get to the hamper before they age much longer.)



Times nine for our youngest child today - her last year for single-digit ages.



Apple on its side on the table.


Left after supper.


Courthouse tower and top of the Ferris wheel at the Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival today. We got to town in time for the parade: floats, marching bands, fire trucks, and people waving and throwing candy from the back seats of open cars. The rest of the day was spent in catching up with family. Tomorrow we'll go on the rides.


Pottery fragment found by my daughter in the park.

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Local apples always taste more angular, even if they have the same outward shape as the ones we get in the store.



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