Left on the table after math homework was done.


Elizabeth, I love these daily "journal entries with drawings" you send. Really so refreshing.

I'm a writer gone stale probably because my brother died September 4, and I am now dealing with all the things including emotions that go with losing my only brother and sibling.

I would love to go back to sketching (I painted 10 years ago)) and think it would be therapeutic.

I like the idea of sketching in an art museum such as San Francisco's, which I will be at in a couple of weeks You are so inspirational for me.
Do you ask permission to sketch in the art museum? Or can one just plunk down and do it?

Cheers, Judith

Thanks, Judith.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope sketching offers you comfort and time for recovery.

Often museums have a policy about drawing - whether you can use materials other than pencil in certain galleries, for instance. That policy may be on the museum website. Generally I just plunk down and draw, though, and the guards don't seem to mind at all.



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