brown bag



I just looked down and realized that we don't get so many of these any more. We use cloth bags for most errands.


I recall when plastic bags were being introduced and it was hard to imagine the demise of the then ubiquitous paper bag. Then they all but vanished and it was equally hard to imagine that plastic, that former savior of trees become much worse environmental demon, would not be with us forever in it's utilitarian not landfill sense. Now, we use fabric or fabricated bags that are nearly endlessly reusable, though I dislike the yet one more advertising avenue the latter provides.

I hope the environment thanks us one day but no matter what I am just skeptic enough to be certain somebody somewhere is making money off our adjusted guilt over the years.

And, it's a lovely sketch, as ever.

I'm gathering wool everyday, from now on..... Elizabeth, I'm techno-challenged all the way...but somehow "fell" upon your blog... it's like meditation...soothing, inspiring, refreshing...and a great reminder to "stop the world" for a moment and appreciate it! thanks!...I also "fell" in love with your book, the film ( should I call it a film?) about the 1000's and your other projects... so, a good fall all the way around!
..RE: your paper bag, I love it........ reminded me of when I took my first oil painting class in college...the prof took a paper grocery bag, crumpled it up, threw it onto a table at the front of the studio and said...."ok you artists, paint it...!" then he laughed and commented " this should separate the seers from the blind"...what a great assignment...
you reminded me to look around.... everywhere ...(and I'm now keeping an eye on stapler for any signs of aggression!)

I love the way you use negative space in your art



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