Hmm. I hadn't thought about staplers as predatory until this drawing. I realize that predators tear things apart with their sharp teeth, where staplers join things together. But something about the posture of my old gray stapler makes me think that it might turn on us one day. (In the great uprising of vintage office equipment?)


Oh my goodness - I'm never going to look at Snappy the electric stapler in the print room again!

Your drawing really does make the stapler appear menacing. It reminds me of a piece over at the Mattress Factory (Stapler Approach by Drew Pavelchak):

Can't figure out how to upload the picture. The predecessor in my office, Mike, handed down a painted stapler that looks rather sharklike. I'll send a link.

Here it is.

The eraser pig is my creation.

If the eraser pig survives the impending attack, and if you should be inclined to bring it home, I'd like to draw it.



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