small tree



We had a few minutes before the student concert, so I sat on a bench outside the music building and drew a tree.


Wow! That's what came out of my mouth the moment I saw this drawing. It is exquisite! Feels both very eastern (as in Japanese or Chinese art) and yet is a very northeast (American) tree. I always learn from seeing how you place things on the page. Love those few little leaves reaching over into the right-hand page.

The colors you chose for the leaves remind me of a dress I made when I was twenty. Thank you for the loveliness and grace of your drawing and for helping me to remember how beautiful I felt in that dress.

This is delicate and just beautiful.

Thank you. And Lynn, I remember starting a story once where apple trees in full bloom became girls at a dance. I don't think the story ever got beyond that one image at the beginning...



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