purple crayon



I saw this on the ground when I was walking home from a friend's house this evening, and picked it up, thinking of Harold.


I LOVE the purple crayon, and even before you mentioned Harold, when I saw the title of your post he came immediately to mind! I remember that book from when I was little, which is to say, more than 45 years ago!

Love the purple crayon. When a link to your blog was posted on Twitter, I just had to check it out. I was just looking at Harold and the Purple Crayon the other day. Your drawing is wonderful.

wonderful drawing....Love Harold too =)

I have been reading Harold to my grand daughter, Isabelle. As soon as I saw the crayon I thought of that wonderful book...it is one of "nine kinds of books that Polly likes best." Elizabeth, I love these drawings and will be back to check on them frequently.



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