I'm not sure who found this, or why it was in the living room, but I liked the shape of it.


I always love finding unusual out-of-place things. Makes me wonder what the gnomes and fairies have been up to.

Great sketch, as usual. How'd you find out about the "croc"? I know the internet has reduced the world as we knew it by leaps and bounds but when you showed up on my insignificant little blog I was blown away! I'm just glad the "comment" icon caught my eye since it's remote and rare that anyone visits or leaves a comment. Thanks again for coming by and keep up the good work, I've been following your pictures since last fall when I became aware that Pittsburgh had any sort of art scene happening.

eon scott

Thanks, eon. (And while I'd been to your blog before, I found the post you wrote by way of the magic of subscribing to RSS feeds for searches - it lets me keep up with all kinds of things!)



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