I drew while in line this morning. After an hour and twenty minutes of waiting, I was let into the store and bought my new phone. I'm already enjoying the video camera and the snappier response time for applications and the web. I enjoyed the waiting, too - was glad the store is on a street and I could watch clouds and passers by.


I know this comment has nothing to do with your drawings, which I enjoy almost every day, but I´m just curious: why do you have to wait in line to get into a store??? and so long?

color me green. I would love an iphone but we already have ipods, and laptops and and and so the extra bucks to have one on our ATT plan would suck. Enjoy it!

Thanks. Martina, the store was selling Apple's new phone. Many people wanted to buy one, and since it takes a few moments to purchase and then activate the phone service for each customer, people had to wait outside the store. Kathi - I decided to delay an upgrade to my laptop in order to get the phone, and last year my husband chose to get the iPhone instead of a laptop. So I understand the dilemma!



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