Perhaps this is also controversial garden produce? I love rhubarb, but I gather that others don't like it so much. (All the more rhubarb ginger crisp for me, thank you.)


I grew up eating and loving rhubarb (especially rhubarb sauce!) in PA. My uncle still grows and sells it by the bushel. Unfortunately we can't get it in North Carolina.

Rhubarb ginger crisp? sound delish! share the recipe?

It is nice to see I think that more and more people are using rhubarb to make alot of different things.

Kathi - last time I made it, the recipe was improvised. Some crystallized ginger in with the fruit... grated fresh ginger as well, I think.

Check epicurious for "Rhubarb Gastrique". It is fabulous as an accompanying sauce/relish with any meat or fish. Love your drawing.



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