We were traveling back from the school Baccalaureate service, and so missed the squall. By the time we were on the coast again, all was calm. Kids went exploring and returned after two hours to report that our youngest had climbed Squam rock--not an easy feat. Tomorrow we are off early for Prize Day (graduation) and we'll head west toward home from there, afterwards. So tonight is our last time by the ocean until July. I'm trying to absorb enough horizon and wave sounds to keep me going until then.


These drawings,watercolors, from your travels are so wonderful! I especially love the rocky coastline. Beautiful!

I absolutely love your work & blog. I check it everyday. I have just re-picked up my pencil and you blog encourages me to draw. Thank you for sharing!

I always love to see paint peeking through the creases in a book. It means something wonderful and messy happened only a few pages back!

(Of course, just because this piece is tidy doesn't mean it isn't also wonderful. It is!)

This has obviously been a great trip, both for family reasons and art.



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