We've been doing a lot of reading aloud this week - mostly Swallows and Amazons, which my daughter is just discovering.


Oh, that brings back memories. My dad used to read the Swallows and Amazons books to my brother and me when we were younger. They're still part of the treasured books section of my collection.

I'm a longtime lurker, first time commenter here. Just want to say I love your work!

These last three are really nice. I love representations of books of course, but the minimal presence of the voting receipt is really fine too.

My husband was admitted to the hospital on Mother's Day, so I seem to have "lost" time, barely able to keep up with e-mails and phone calls for the far-off family folks.

He came home Tuesday, with doctor's orders for low activity.

To be here and look at 12 drawings in one sitting is almost an overload of beauty.
Really, I hadn't seen any since the wheelbarrow.

Thank You so much for giving us the lovely.....

Ah, MrsDoF, thank you, and best wishes for your husband's recovery.

Evie.E - Swallows and Amazons Forever! (And death to Captain Flint... but not really.)

My favorite book , more than 60 years ago !
I love your sketchbooks ...



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