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What is a hacky-sack?

I knew immediately (without seeing the title), that it was a hacky sack.

Just love your work. Really do. Much of it is the composition which is always so lovely on the page.

I knew that was a hacky-sack as soon as I saw it. I like the black and white picture, cuz most of the hacky-sacks I remember are very bright colors.

A hacky-sack is a stuffed toy, actually. Depending on the player, all kinds of activity occur.
When my sons and friends were playing, it was usually 4-square on the school playground, using only their feet.

Reminds me of the time when a student asked me to crochet one for him. I figured it would take at least 3 hours, and told him I did not want to put in the time. He seemed so forelorn that I went to the store where I knew they are sold and bought one for $3, then dropped it off at his house.
He and some friends were already hanging out in the driveway, so I just handed him the bag and went on my way.

Next day, his mom told me that the kids played with it until cain't see, and then he tucked it into his backpack for recess the next day.

Good memories of hacky-sacks and raising great boys over here.

Thank You for the reverie :)



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