The first few rows of the next project, a cardigan sweater. I'm knitting with two strands of a black stainless steel and wool blend - after another row, I'll be adding a third strand of dark denim blue raw silk. The stainless blend fiber has a slightly stiff texture, and knit on these larger needles (6s) it has a lacy feel. (Yarn from Habu Textiles.)


I've been curious to try this Habu yarn. Do you know their store and/or their website? Lots of wonderful patterns.

Lovely drawing.

Thanks. I got the yarn from the Habu website - found a phone number and called, as they don't really have online ordering.

Hello there for the first time. I just wanted to drop by and say hello because I started a daily doodle blog ( almost 150 days ago to cope with med school and became curious about who else was doing the same. I stumbled across your site and thought I should congratulate on your impressive dedication. Having almost hit 150, I know that its not easy to sit down every day, but over 1500's just astonishing to me. Anyway I love your minimalist style and calming watercolors, so keep up the great work and I plan to stop by as much as I doodle.

That looks really interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I've got some of Habu's copper/bamboo blend, but it isn't stiff like the steel ones.

hello! just found you via 'the green chair press' blog. was thinking what a fabulous idea to do daily sketches and your work is just lovely. minimalist and mixed media. beautiful.
and then i read you are doing habu. you MUST have excellent taste. do we get to see your knitting, too? i am currently designing a jacket with xs-21 - a natural linen from habu. and i have done the ss jacket and a few other habu pieces. i have a link to ravelry if you are interested.
enjoy your day.



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