I am enjoying my conference time. This morning I let myself watch the audience for a while, during one of the keynote talks. I will be happy to get back to everyday routine, but in the meantime am meeting new people, listening and talking, and learning, learning, learning.


Great journal pages - really a sign of how we spend our days. But I focus better on the speaker when I'm sketching don't you?

What fun it must be when the people you meet find themselves in your sketchbook!! So enjoyable every day when I catch up with your journal.

Ah, Marty - I'm not sure their own mothers would recognize the backs of their heads in the crowd... I think the person on the left in the front row of seats is Brady Forrest, the conference organizer for ETech 2009, but I may have been taking liberties with shirt and hair color by the time I began painting, so it could have been someone else.

Interesting to read about the conference after reading it on your white board in sketch! Love your colored version of the session too! I recommend soggy tea bags when the full color set not available!~)



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