The outing was my daughter's idea - she wanted to draw. And the day was still warm enough for us to go to the playground after work.

So we did. And we drew. And then the sun slipped behind the houses and our hands were colder. We walked home, talking, and made breakfast for supper - French toast.


Very nice. I love to draw when it is cold outside. And I LOVE breakfast for dinner.

Sounds like the perfect end to a day...

Wonderful memento of what sounds like a very nice memory, both for you and your daughter!

I love your landscapes. I also love the way you write, conveying a simple warmth and experience. It takes constant reminding to put that into my writing. Thanks for the ongoing example.

I appreciate every drawing, but have an affinity for your landscapes. I also love your writing, the way you convey a simple warmth of experience. Why does it take constant reminding for me to write this way? Woolgathering is a daily blessing. Thanks.

Lovely. Thank you! And giving you another thumbs-up on breakfast for dinner; the only thing better, chez moi, is cold pizza for breakfast.

Wonderful drawing!

I love this entry (as well as the entire premise and site), so much so that I included a pic of it on my blog today (with ascription and link).



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