What could be more full of possibility?


I love the simplicity of this drawing. It speaks volumes.

Oh, how I love new, clean notebooks--especially when I have a new pen to go with it.

Hi Liz,

We're both so busy now in our lives. Quite the change from a decade ago, when we were 'just' raising children! And knitting, cooking, etc. and enjoying a 'break' from academia and out of the house work for a while!

I wanted to take a minute to look at your I've meant to for a while....

I really admire your discipline! And have always enjoyed all of our time together, and all of your support.

This drawing you did on my 47th birthday really was poignant. Things have still been challenging, and evoloving, so this drawing was made me smile - a blank page for the future!

Would love to catch up soon, and share. We're always moving along in the direction we're meant to. And especially so, when we're conscious and attentive to where we're meant to go.

Hope to talk soon.


This might be my favorite one of all. Lovely.



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