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I didn't set out to collect doll hands - but they began to find me. Waiting at the bus stop one day, I looked down and there was a tiny hand, waving to me from the gutter. I brought it home (wouldn't you?) and stuck in a bowl of odd buttons and small change on my bureau. I think I found another one that same week, and that started it. The rule seems to be that I can't go looking for them - but if they turn up, I save them.


With me, it's sheep. Stuffed, ceramic, resin, wooden. And one little llama [named Dolly] who followed me home from Barnes & Noble one night.

Rubber bouncy balls find me :)

Have you seen this jewelry made from Barbie hands (and other parts)? You're off to a good start. wwwdotmargauxlangedotcom.

My odd collection is heads from my two airedales' stuffed animal toys. Once the dogs disassemble the toys, the heads gather on the top shelf of my desk (currently sporting a sheep, a rabbit, and most of a raccoon. I keep toying with making them puppet bodies of some sort.

Somewhere we might still have a Barbie arm from when a swimming Barbie got left in the kiddie pool and was mistaken by a dog for a chew toy.



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