Red chair in the living room.


I have begun to collect inspiring photos and posts from the internet and ran across your page while searching for drawing of tree branches. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate seeing your sketch journal! It is something I have been trying to start for a few years now, but I am too scared of messing up!

Your work is so simple yet amaizingly beautiful at the same time!

I have started a blog so I can focus on ideas for my home and my art life and I wondered if I might be able to post a few of your pieces on my blog for inspiration pages. I am still in the beginning process of the layot and design of the blog so I don't know exactly how I'd use them, but they would all be linked directly to your page with your name listed next to it.

If you don't have a problem with this, let me know! I'd really love to be able to refer back to the images that speak to me. I have added your blog to my list and will be checking it out daily!

Thanks for your time.
Your work is amazing!

Thanks so much, Kalee. I have a creative commons license for this work EXACTLY so that people can do what you'd like to do. Have fun with your new blog - and try to let yourself make a mess. (I find that if I am willing to mess up regularly and keep working, I learn much more than when I try to play it safe.)



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