and they won!



A home-made paper flag. (Note the comma...) The city has been completely swept up in joyous black-and-gold mania, as the Pittsburgh Steelers had a chance at winning a record sixth Super Bowl championship today. To give you a sense of the atmosphere, we went to an acoustic show in a bookstore café today, and half of the alt-folk crowd were wearing team jerseys. (A sketch of that is here.)

The game was close, full of dramatic reverses, and once-in-a-lifetime plays. We watched at home, and followed the excitement of friends on Twitter, Facebook, and via text messages. In celebration, tomorrow the city schools have a two-hour delay.


if i may ask, what medium is it that you use to color some of your drawings?

I use gouache, an opaque kind of watercolor. If I use lots of water with it, some of the colors can be very transparent. If I use less water, or keep layering paint on the paper, I get a matte non-transparent effect, and can even paint lighter colors over darker ones. Thanks for asking!



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