happy new year



Pistachio shells and nut. The shells are smooth and beautiful and bound for the compost. The nut may not look like much, but the taste is rich and fresh and worth the effort involved in shelling it. Think I'll have another. May your new year be as sweet.


I love pistachios. There is a company here in Fort Worth [the Vending Nut Company] that sells wonderfully fresh bags of all sorts of nuts. I have the last of a bag of their pistachios in my desk at work and will polish them off tomorrow. Happy New Year!

When I found that shelled pistachios could be purchased, I went on a pistachio eating binge. The joy!

Happy New Year to you! I'm looking forward to another year of your interesting posts.

I found your site through Christine Kane's blog. She's right about your abiility, through your sketches, to remind us all of the wonderful wee details in life that make living so worthwhile. Thank you -- and Happy New Year!



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