The pair completed - this is the second one for a child. Now I'll begin some for myself.


Socks are fun! I've completed two pairs this month and am working on a scarf for my son-in-law's birthday (next Tuesday), curled up in bed with an audiobook. When the scarf is done, I'll get back to work on my Sock Knitters Anonymous November 2008 Mystery Sock. (Are you on Ravelry?)

I'm trying to figure out how to get to the store for more milk, and to the library for another audiobook, without having to deal with the Black Friday craziness.

That is such a lovely and colorful
sketch, but how you and Lynn (or
anyone else) can knit is beyond me.
I am too tense, maybe, and my stitches
get tighter and tighter until I can no
longer get the needle under the yarn.
How I wish I could, though.

Ah, EP, the colors are so lovely, and I'll bet the socks look great with jeans

Annie, I can crochet like crazy, but knitting _makes_ me crazy!

I bought a set of plastic peg looms at a craft store, and paid for a lesson learning how to knit a hat using it.
Then I found some wonderful peg looms at

Cindy Woodcrafts

Even though each peg loom includes instructions and pictures on how to purl and turn the heel of a sock, I watched a YouTube video 18 times to learn how to purl on the loom.
Determination is my middle name.

Like I said, I can't knit worth spit using pointed needles, but I'm quite productive with the peg looms.

No, I'm not an employee or salesman, I just like crafts working with yarn.

You might try working with peg looms. Our local community college public education does classes for a small fee.

Good Luck, and Keep Trying!

Thank you thank you, Mrs. DoF!
I will save the information
and hunt them down. Yes,
I had much better luck with
crochet hooks, too.



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