I gather that it is now possible to duplicate a key from a distant snapshot. Perhaps I'm living dangerously here? But that assumes that the drawing is not intentionally inaccurate, and that this is a key to something that matters, rather than a key from the bowl of extras in the kitchen. (Why do we feel compelled to save keys to things we don't have any more?)


I just found your blog and I love it. Your drawings are so inspirational.

Seen here is a drawing of key for artistic purpose.
I don't think I have ever seen a photograph of a key for any reason.

Our leftover keys are in a bowl in a cabinet. A few came in useful when a neighbor kid was doing a science experiment about water displacement.
He knew my husband is the go-to guy when it comes to putting weird stuff together.

Why do we feel compelled to save keys to things we don't have any more?

Because the things the keys go to might turn up.

Because a bowl of keys gives us a sense of abundance.

Because it says democracy and community and equality to have a bowl of keys available to the whole household.

Because our parents had a bowl of keys and it fascinated us.

Because keys open things, and throwing one away means accepting that whatever it opened has now been closed to us forever. Keeping it means the possibility of opening still exists.

L- need to have the strength to give up my old keys which we keep in a drawer and a small wire basket- I have been lucky and matched the key to the mystery lock but the old car key to the Subaru wagan sold last year will do us no good. Have some good news- Xstream is actually happening and we will be streaming at CES- I'll touch base soon- I love checking in on your blog- P

This is simple and lovely!

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