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Here's a mid-day sketch and report from Ward 8, Districts 11 and 12, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the polling place where I volunteer, we were already breaking records for turnout before lunchtime.

The lines were out the door this morning. Around 9:20, I was voter no. 113. (FYI - a very high number for that time of day, even for a presidential year - our neighborhood's voting districts are tiny.) Our community is reclaiming patriotism in a big way. My neighbor, poet Angele Ellis, said to me after voting, "I don't want to burn the flag--I want to wash the flag."

Now that it is the middle of the working day, we'll get only a few people at a time, but it's been very steady. I expect we'll have another crowd and lines again after work. Today I've seen first-time voters, and those who never miss an election. One neighbor was near tears: "I've never EVER felt this way about voting--and I always vote." She was so moved and hopeful, standing in line with her son.

It's already a great day.


Great story Elizabeth - and a great sketch

I want to feature a compendium of election day blog posts and sketches in my 'who's made a mark this week?' post on Sunday - may I use your sketch please?

Thanks, Katherine. Of course you may use it! I'd be honored.

Lovely sketch and story about this historic day. Must have been great to be a part of it. I really envy you.
Congratulations from The Netherlands on your new president!

I've come back to look at this picture at least four times, so I should leave a comment.
It tells a story in such a nice soft way that a camera cannot capture.

The church atrium where I filled out my vote is gray, as in gray tiles on the floor, silvery color granite steps off to the side, lighter gray walls, gray table where the election judges while away the hours.

One was working on needlepoint Christmas ornaments, another working a Sudoku puzzle, a third was cutting out letters for her Sunday School room bulletin board.

Election halls all over the country brought us together.



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