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Tomorrow is election day. I'll be volunteering at my polling place, so I will leave my political buttons at home, or bring a jacket I can slip on over them when I go inside to check on the turnout numbers. No matter how saturated we are with campaign news and advertising, with blog posts and projections, with robo-calls and door-to-door canvassing, when we finally get to the day itself, I find the process heartening. For the better part of tomorrow, I'll stand around outside the polls, greet my neighbors, catch up on news, answer questions, hand out literature (if anyone wants any at this point), and then at the end of the night, watch as the machines are closed down and the results tallied. I'll walk two blocks home and then stay up way too late, following the returns as they come in. If you are a U.S. voter, please don't forget to vote tomorrow.

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I like your pin badge picture. Meanwhile am very heartened to hear on the news that in the US you are expecting record voter turn out for recent years. I have an opinion of who I would like to see win, which is irrelevant as I'm British, but its great to see people just exercising there rights and voting! Or even volunteering and getting involved.



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