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Today I got to help chaperone our school trip to this year's Carnegie International, "Life on Mars." (I know, nice work, eh?) Our charge was to think about questions of alienation and the rapidity of change. During our chance for independent exploration, I needed to keep track of time and meet my group again for our tour, so instead of trying to see as much as possible, I took a moment to sit, reflect, and then paint.

I found the word "eon" in the wall text of the show's title, and liked thinking about the compression of time and the cropped letters from the middle of the show's name. I knew I was going to see a fraction of the show, so it seemed an appropriate choice on that account as well.

Two years ago, I painted or drew every day in the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History for nine months. After that daily experience, each new visit to the museum is both familiar and disorienting. Kind of like "Life on Mars," I suppose.


Liz, I LOVE this! In fact, I think it's downright brilliant. Even as a design, the look of your page and the ink is even more appropriate to the content of the show than the more corporate look they went with. See you this or next Monday.

Elizabeth, I enjoyed ten minutes looking at your sketch-book... very refreshing in many ways...I learned things...thank you.
Brian (on another planet)



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