apple, day 1400



An apple, painted slightly larger than life.

Today marks 1400 days of drawing or painting something and then posting it to this blog. I'll try to think of something special to do in 100 days: this particular mile-marker crept up on me without my really noticing it, which lets me know that my focus is on the day-to-day observation of the ordinary, on the point-to-point mapping of my everyday life, rather than on any grand goal... I guess the process IS the goal for me here. Thanks for keeping me company on the journey.


Congratulations, Elizabeth! I'm just sorry I wasn't here for the experience of the whole 1400! I love starting my day with your blog and look forward to the next 100!--Carol C.

Congrats, Elizabeth! Here's to many more!

Fantastic -- I look forward to your drawings each day!

Wow! Congrats indeed. I picked up the blog in your first three months and have really enjoyed the journey, checking out your supplies (just got a 24 set of water soluble graphite pencils as a result of some of your experiementation). A bit of teaching, a bit of zen, a lot of art. It's been great.

Congratulations on all counts, I enjoy every single one of them!!!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Thanks so much for sharing the journey and the process, one beautiful day at a time.

Wow. 1400. That's a LOT of days! Congratulations on such an accomplishment, and thank you for sharing your art with us along the way!

Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations
and many more pictures to come.... .



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