From the dryer - was changing the wash and cleaned the lint filter. Put it on a piece of paper on the sofa so I could look at it for a while. It's a wonder we have any clothing left, we produce so much lint as a household.


Elizabeth, you're the only person I know who can make art from dryer lint!!!--Carol C

so true ~ so true...thank you for making me smile!

I try not to think too much about what else this stuff could be made of -- Ewwww!

You've been tagged with the Brillante Award, because I love your blog and art...check it out here

I love dryer lint. Is that weird? Your painting reminded me of a poem I wrote, featuring a laundromat and lint. Here's an excerpt:

The lint in the tray is soft speckled grey:
Leftovers of some stranger's laundry.
I'd like to keep it --
Collect the lint of a hundred machines,
Weave a familiar eclectic sweater
To wear when the wind threatens my warmth.

(I posted the whole poem on my blog:

Thanks for the inspiration for a blog post!



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