breakfast room



Because you really know you are on vacation when you can spend an hour at breakfast time drawing muntins and foliage... (We are staying at the Parker Guest House - a wonderful place.)


Hello! I found your drawing thru the EDM superblog. I'm part of the EDM yahoogroup but I've been inactive for some time now (though I haven't stopped journaling!).

Just thought I'd drop a note to say that I love your sketch. It's a beautiful scene! I love the little details on the furniture to show the woven material.

=) ian (ulan25)

Love this one, looks so comfortable and relaxing.

I am so there with you! heck I was there on Muir beach too. Thanks for the link to the guest house. Might have to talk the partner into a trip to the City for a wee vacation!

I am loving your drawings. They are all so simple, yet great. What kind of book do you do your drawing in?



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