scenes from a train trip



I made sketches of things seen out the window as we went along, trying also to note location and time. Had to stop when it got dark somewhere along the coast of Rhode Island, but at that point I'd run out of room on the page, anyway. (As with most other pictures on this site, you can click on the image for an enlargement.)


Beautiful sketches of your train trip. I was especially delighted to see the riverbanks along the Juniata River. I’ve lived in Canada for thirty-eight years, but was born and raised along those very riverbanks. I spent many lazy summer days and 4th of Julys fishing with my brother along the Juniata. I haven’t been back in a long while, thus your sketch was very much appreciated. Thanks for the trip back home! Hope your vacation is fabulous!

Opal, the shady riverbanks looked so inviting from the passing train. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory. And our vacation is delightful. A gathering of far-flung family. Cousins are enjoying each others' company; sisters, brother, and spouses have time for long conversations.

Liz, I recently did that same train ride only in the other direction. I traveled from Boston to Cleveland, switching in Albany. I enjoyed it very much although it was a LONG day! The trip home was less enjoyable because as the day progressed I got sicker and sicker as a sinus infection overtook my body. Even with that though, the train is a wonderful way to travel. I hope you are continuing to enjoy your vacation!



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