Just got a couple of fat water-soluble graphite sticks made by Lyra. This was the 2B (also have a 9B). Even the harder 2B goes onto the page like butter, and I can use a waterbrush to pick up a wash. Feel like a kid with new crayons - can't wait to draw more with them.


Ooh! I have one of those too. It sure does rekindle that new-crayons excitement.

Those pencils are fun. Looking forward to more of your graphite and water sketches. Your rocks are excellent.

Wonderful looking rocks. The graphite sticks sound like a dream!

Wow - this looks really good and really fun. I bought a set of these and haven't had the time/nerve to mess with them - can't wait to see what you do with they Lyra crayons/watercolor sticks! Claire



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