orange bucket



Nearly high tide on an overcast day. A bucket is in need of rescue before the water gets much closer. We stayed on until the waves were lapping at our toes and then walked home for a late lunch.


I love your journal entries! You have a unique way of seeing the world that is so visually pleasing! I'm you make your journals? If so, what paper/method do you use? If not, what are they and where can I get one!--Carol C.

Thanks, Carol. I do make my journals - I use a printmakers' paper called Lenox 100, and wrote about my binding method in a post a couple of years ago: .

Thanks, Elizabeth! That's a great resource! I'm looking forward to the rest of your vacation pics....Carol C.

When I try this link, I get a 404 - page not found message. Has the post about your binding method been moved? I would love to learn more about how to bind sketch books.

If you refresh or reload the comment, the link should be fixed now - thanks!



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