boats in the cove



Near the marina and market. We had lunch and then everyone else walked to the beach. I painted for a while caught up with them later. Last full day of a wonderful vacation.


Ah, memories of "The Cove" in Wethersfield, Connecticut (my parents' hometown and the center of annual family vacations). A world apart from north central Texas.

I love the painting and I also really like the way the deck boards (?) frame the image.

oooh. . . . purty. . . . you really captured the feel of the place. I feel refreshed just seeing it.

Wow - this looks great - are you using those Lyra crayons? there a brush you're using too? I love how these turned out.

When I saw this, I thought you had taken a picture of a greeting card.

The whole lovely scene says "It's oh, so peaceful here".

This is just so peaceful. Thanks for sharing your vacation...

Thanks, all. Claire, this was painted using gouache - an opaque kind of watercolor. I get tubes (M. Graham brand) and then let bits of paint dry in a tiny paintbox. I use a waterbrush - a brush with water in the body of the handle - to paint with. So far, Niji is my favorite brand for that kind of brush. For more info, if you search on the topic "materials" in the sidebar of this blog, you will find an older post I made about what I've been using... Thanks for asking.



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