"Do you always draw in black and white?" asks a nephew.
"I just got these new fat pencil crayons," I explain. "I'll go back to color in a day or so..."


I love this over stuffed arm chair in the library. your blog is such a peaceful place to spend a few minutes in the day. Thank you!
I have also nominated your blog for an award. Please check out my bolg fro more information! cheers!

You are really enjoying these crayons---thanks so much for sharing your enjoyment! I love these great double-page spreads just as much as your tiny Zen-lile vignettes.

It's almost like magic, how your work seems to have gone in a whole new direction, just by changing the medium.

Love your work! I'm sure you've probably answered this already, but what kind of notebook are you currently using for your work?

Thanks so much! William, I make my own notebooks, using a printmakers' paper called Lenox 100. If you use the search field above and look for "materials," you may find the post from a couple of years ago where I talked at some length about how (and why) I make my sketchbooks. Stephanie, I'm honored by your nomination - thank you.



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