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Sorry about the silence of the past three weeks and any confusion it may have caused.  A bit of database trouble, an unexpected leftover from site troubles I ran into last March.  All is repaired and up and running now, thanks to the generous and patient help of Ms. Jen, who was able to piece things back together. The subscription feeds may take a day or so to get re-established, but I think comments are working.

I kept drawing throughout, so if you scroll down the page you can see what my month has been like.  I've missed the community and conversations, and am very glad to be back again!


Yay! So glad you're back!

I am so glad you're up and running again! Can't wait to see the weeks of backlog! :)

I'm glad all is well now - you were missed!

Glad you are back, I had been feeling a bit worried about you. Looking forward to going and seeing your June drawings now, I will take you up on your invitation to scroll through!

Glad to have you back!

Glad you're back and good to see you have continued to paint.......had me worried there for a minute!!

Oh my goodness. I just O D'd on drawings!

Especially love the radish....

I'm so glad you have returned to us!

Glad you're back - I missed your drawings and I was a bit worried about you.

woooo hooo! welcome back. I was beginning to be worried. I missed your drawings too.



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