greening rose bush



So much is coming into leaf so quickly now. I notice buds on the Rosa rugosa this afternoon, while I am sitting on the front steps with the Sunday paper. The stone base of a porch column is warm against my back. A neighbor stops by for a moment, and then she goes back inside to watch the end of the hockey game. Children play baseball and then soccer in our back yards, before - and after - supper, even though it is a school night.


how i wish that i could create "empty" pages like this. i always overdraw everything. do you have any advice how to learn this?

The trick for me is to look at the whole page - to think of the white space as an active element in the drawing. And that's a back-and-forth kind of balance, like the old optical illusion where you go back and forth between seeing two faces or a vase.

I've had a camera since I was six. With a camera, you get to think about how to use the whole frame - you can see where elements make different shapes when they intersect the edge in different ways - practice with choices like that can also help you make new choices in beginning (and ending) a drawing, I think.

Yay! I finally got signed up to leave comments - for some reason, I was having problems with that whole process.

Not really much to say - I'm just glad I got that straightened out.



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