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As the school year draws to a close, and desks are emptied, unexpected things come home. Not surprising that she had a pencil box in her desk, but I'd forgotten she had it.



When strawberries begin to taste real, I know summer days will be here soon.


At this time of year, we can sit outside after supper and watch the night settle in around us. Someone sees the first star. Someone else tells a story or pokes the fire. I notice the way the neighbor's pine tree shifts slowly from green to black.


Middle School instrumental concert tonight, and since the musicians all needed to arrive half an hour early, the audience arrived early as well. Time to draw a microphone and part of the curtain before the music began.


Two slices: left over from lunch, ignored at snacktime, likely to become part of breakfast.


Rosa rugosa seems to have thorns which are harder to dodge than those on other roses. We were gardening today, and I should have put on gloves, but didn't.


Went for a walk in the woods this afternoon. (Well, we started through the woods... wound up at a convenience store on Main Street and tested their espresso - not bad - then headed back through the woods again to the house where we read the Sunday papers.)


We're visiting family in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Went for a walk this afternoon, and this was one of the views.


Just by starting a drawing in a different place, I can change my whole feeling while making it - the shape becomes new again.


The Rosa rugosa in front of the house has begun blooming - a heady scent.


The low-sodium kind. If you close your eyes, it tastes like a more expensive cracker.



A friend encouraged me to cut branches from the rhododendron growing in her front yard - so on the way home, we did. At this time of year, the city is filled with blossoms, yet we are still turning on the furnace at night.


I think this one came into our house as a party favor.


Sometimes an apple is the snack you wanted, after all.


Clearly our lawn needs mowing - or more locally, "needs mowed." But I love the look of dandelions gone to seed in the spring, thinking of all the unwished wishes...


Possibly a companion to the blue leg of a couple of weeks ago.


Sweet and sour, a taste to make me think of warmer days.


Paper on the table. A very temporary and accidentally beautiful object.


Left on the sofa by a sleepy child. (Her second favorite animal.)


Made felted slippers - cozy for early May.


Homemade fruit drink: dark and sweet and intensely flavored. Frozen black raspberries blended with seltzer. Each sip anticipates summer.


We were out of the house for most of the day. (And now I'm sleepy.)


Drawing an apple and then painting it. Listening to rain. Thinking about repetition.

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Yesterday's melon - sweet watery quench, crunch - after supper.


A day of overlapping small technical difficulties at work. Eventually each problem got resolved, but by the end of the day I felt nibbled and fractious and unable to concentrate.
What helped? Walking home. Stopping at the grocery store and buying a seedless watermelon. Fixing and eating a healthy supper. Talking. Listening. Drawing. Knowing that I'll sleep tonight to the sound of spring rain on leaves,




Stayed up late to watch primary returns, then drew my fountain pen.


We got some colored woolen fleece over the weekend, and have been playing with felt-making.
We learned
how to make beads, and then night before last I made this bowl. (Router trouble last night - sorry about the late post.)


So much is coming into leaf so quickly now. I notice buds on the Rosa rugosa this afternoon, while I am sitting on the front steps with the Sunday paper. The stone base of a porch column is warm against my back. A neighbor stops by for a moment, and then she goes back inside to watch the end of the hockey game. Children play baseball and then soccer in our back yards, before - and after - supper, even though it is a school night.



I don't think about the fragrance of limes until I have a bag or bowl full of them on the counter. (Went grocery shopping late this afternoon.)

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Thanks for your patience, and for letting me know that comment registration emails weren't coming through. I think I've figured out what I needed to reset in my blogging software - and the registration process should now work. (Fingers crossed.)

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In the past week, three in the household went to the dentist for checkups. Now we have clean teeth, and around the house are various small tubes of toothpaste.

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Home later than usual this evening and just wanted quiet conversation, the morning's paper, and then to read online for a while. So that was what I did. Simple supper: cheese, crackers, and a glass of wine.




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