Today I arrived at the symposium early, and had time to sit on the wall beneath the branches of the splendid magnolia outside the theater.  I drew.  While I traced the outline of petals and branching twigs, while I breathed in the scent, a light wind ruffled through everything and the petals began falling around me.  And on me.

This weekend has been one of those times when I really pause, pay attention, and appreciate Pittsburgh.  Maybe it was the symposium gathering women to talk with one another about art, activism, and equity.  Maybe it was seeing the way networks of new friends, old friends, experience and opportunity can expand with thoughtful tending.  Maybe it was the power of all that creative energy in one room. In a city the size of Pittsburgh, small groups working together can have a significant effect - in neighborhoods, in institutions, in politics, and in business.  Drawing every day has taught me about the way a gesture, repeated, can have a powerful cumulative effect.  I see that happening in the city around me. 

And in this season of change and  new growth,  I feel an irresistible upwelling of optimism and hope.  Happy spring, everyone! 

And don't forget to vote on Tuesday.




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